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  • epiphenomenal — adjective /ˌɛpɪfɪˈnɒmɪnəl/ a) Being of secondary consequence to a causal chain of processes, but playing no causal role in the process of interest. If qualia are epiphenomenal in the standard philosophical sense, their occurrence cant explain the …   Wiktionary

  • epiphenomenal — adjective Date: 1899 of or relating to an epiphenomenon ; derivative • epiphenomenally adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • epiphenomenal — See epiphenomenon. * * * …   Universalium

  • epiphenomenal — epiphenomenalism …   Philosophy dictionary

  • epiphenomenal — epi·phenomenal …   English syllables

  • epiphenomenon — epiphenomenal, adj. epiphenomenally, adv. /ep euh feuh nom euh non , neuhn/, n., pl. epiphenomena / neuh/, epiphenomenons. 1. Pathol. a secondary or additional symptom or complication arising during the course of a disease. 2. any secondary… …   Universalium

  • Supervenience — In philosophy, supervenience is a kind of dependency relationship, typically held to obtain between sets of properties. According to one standard definition, a set of properties A supervenes on a set of properties B, if and only if any two… …   Wikipedia

  • Qualia — (pronEng|ˈkwɑːliə) is an unfamiliar term for something that could not be more familiar to each of us: the ways things seem to us [ [http://ase.tufts.edu/cogstud/papers/quinqual.htm Dennett, D. Quining Qualia ] ] . They can be defined as qualities …   Wikipedia

  • Epiphenomenalism — In philosophy of mind, epiphenomenalism, also known as Type E Dualism is a view according to which some or all mental states are mere epiphenomena (side effects or by products) of physical states of the world. Thus, epiphenomenalism denies that… …   Wikipedia

  • Frank Cameron Jackson — (* 1943) ist ein australischer Philosoph. Jackson studierte an der Universität Melbourne Mathematik und Philosophie und ist heute Professor für Philosophie an der Australian National University. Seine Hauptarbeitsgebiete sind die Philosophie des… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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